A Cheated Future
How Study Abroad Agencies in China Give Students False Hope of a Future Abroad
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More than a half million Chinese students were studying overseas in 2016. Agencies which charge extortionate sums to arrange for students to go abroad sometimes lack transparency in the way they operate. As a result, many students have seen their hopes dashed and their dreams of a future outside China all but broken.

Divided into four major sections, this project is devoted to tell how the business of study-abroad in China was originated, the problems and concerns along the way of its development and it’s current situation from both the angle of customer and of the practitioners.

Big Dates Timeline

Remarkable events in the history of Chinese study-abroad market.


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Where the business originated

Early 2000s

Frauds and chaotic market in the 2000s


Current situation of the market

Inside the Industry

Speak from the practitioner


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